3 Signs Your Childcare Centre Needs Staff Uniforms

staff uniformsAlthough your childcare centre may have a set dress code, staff could misunderstand or even ignore these guidelines. Providing staff uniforms is a simple way to alleviate any issues you’re having when it comes to what your staff wear.

The three problems outlined below are surefire signs it’s time to order staff uniforms for your childcare centre.

1. Parents and Children Have Difficulty Identifying Staff Members

If parents or children have any questions or concerns, it is vital they can quickly and confidently speak with your childcare centre staff. You cannot rely on parents and kids becoming familiar with your staff, particularly at a larger centre.

Imagine a new client coming to collect their child. They will want to check in with a staff member to ensure everything ran smoothly. When they arrive at pick-up time, how are they to differentiate parents with staff members? A clear uniform with branding is key to instilling trust in both kids and parents.

2. Staff Protect their Clothing

If your childcare centre staff come to work wearing smart, expensive clothes, they will be less willing to bend down, run around, and get dirty. This can have a serious impact on their effectiveness as teachers.

Purchasing comfortable, practical and durable uniforms will ensure your staff are able to work to the very best of their ability without worrying about damaging their clothes.

3. Staff are Wearing Inappropriate Clothing

Instead of staff wearing clothing that’s too expensive, you may have an issue with staff wearing clothing that isn’t modest enough. Because childcare centre workers need to bend over often when playing and cleaning, shirts, shorts, and skirts can ride up, revealing more skin than what’s considered appropriate. A good quality, practical uniform will alleviate these issues.

How to Decide on the Perfect Staff Uniform

If you’ve experienced any or all of the issues outlined above, it’s time to purchase a staff uniform. But, how do you know what products to go for?

Here are five criteria we suggest you consider:

  1. The first impression your uniform will give current and potential clients.
  2. How suitable the garment is to the day-to-day activities of your staff.
  3. How comfortable the garment is.
  4. The branding that will appear on your uniforms.
  5. The cost of the uniforms.

Learn more about each of these criteria in our blog post 5 Criteria to Consider When Choosing Childcare Centre Uniforms.

Purchase Childcare Centre Staff Uniforms

We’re proud to offer our customers an excellent range of high quality, comfortable, and durable staff uniforms. If you’re ready to buy, check out our collection of uniforms. To order, give us a call on 1300 362 300, or contact us via email.