4 Tips to Ensure a High Quality Embroidered Logo

Not all embroidery is equal. The presentation of your logo is very important to your brand and the public perception of your centre. Here are some tips to help you understand the process and what to be aware of so that you get a high quality embroidered logo.
1. Embroidery which doesn’t have enough stitch density will allow the fabric of the shirt to show through. Also the embroidery will not sit up and look full and vibrant. Ask to see an example.Embroidered Logo

2. Low quality embroidery threads will lose their colour and the dye from the thread can run into the shirt fabric. Ensure that only the finest threads are used.

3. The process of Embroidery using a needle and thread means it is impossible to get the same level of detail as something that is printed. It’s better to leave off very fine or shaded elements of a design and any very small text as they won’t stitch out nicely and detract from the final impact of the logo. A good graphic designer will provide you with an Embroidery version of your logo. We can also help.

4. To ensure the best result, get your logo professionally digitized. Beware of cheap digitizing setup costs as you very much get what you pay for. A logo which is digitized correctly will sew out beautifully time after time.

If you have any concerns, or further questions regarding embroidery of your centre logo, please give us a call on 1300 362 300 and we will be only too happy to help.