5 Criteria to Consider When Choosing Childcare Centre Uniforms

childcare centre uniforms

childcare centre uniformsDeciding on the perfect uniform for your childcare centre staff involves considering a few criteria to ensure that the uniform you choose is the most suitable.

Here’s what we suggest considering before you commit to a childcare centre uniform.

1. First Impression

What message do you want to give current and potential customers? That your staff are responsible and professional, and take pride in their work? Of course you do.

Your staff uniforms play a key part in determining the first impression your Centre gives, so opt for something professional that still conveys warmth.

2. Suitability

Consider the types of activities your staff get up to every day, such as sitting with children on the floor, cleaning up spills, and running around outside.

Constant bending and stretching has an impact on fabric so wear and tear is likely. We recommend fabrics that provide flexibility, breathability and durability, particularly for summer uniforms.

3. Comfort

You don’t want your staff to be distracted by uncomfortable clothes. To ensure your uniforms are comfortable, consider the following:

  • Fit – a modern, relaxed fit is the most comfortable
  • Breathability – consider uniforms with high-tech fabric or mesh inserts
  • Size-range – opt for uniforms that are available in a wide range of sizes

4. Branding

Consider where you want your logo embroidered. We recommend the left chest area as the best location, although we have also done sleeves, pockets and hemlines… What is important is that the embroidery finish is of the highest standard. A badly embroidered logo will have a negative impact and ruin the overall professional appearance of the garment.

5. Cost

When choosing a uniform of course you will have a budget to keep to.. Not only should you consider initial costs, but also maintenance and replacement costs. So the better the quality the fabric and construction of the garment, the longer it will maintain it’s shape and colour. You get what you pay for and often cheap garments do not last long and need replacing a lot quicker.

When you’re ready, give us a call on 1300 362 300 or send us an email, and we’d be happy to help you choose the perfect uniforms for your childcare centre.