Child Care Fundraising – 3 Great Ideas for Your Centre

Kids craft for fundraising

Child Care Fundraising is the key to providing additional financial resources for your centre. Here are 3 ways to get extra cash for the additional equipment that you and the kids need.

Child Care Fundraising Kids craft1. Arts & Crafts Fair

Ask parents and older siblings of the children attending the Childcare Centre to produce handmade items that you can sell at an arts and crafts fair. Also select artwork, including drawings and paintings done by children at the Centre and have them nicely framed. Let them paint unglazed plates and have them fired in a kiln. Show them how to make simple papier maché items, like bowls or platters, and then let them paint and varnish them. Have stalls for different types of items and let mums and dads man them. You might also invite some professional crafters to sell at the fair, and charge for the stall, or ask for a percentage of their profits.

2. Treasure Hunt

This idea can be a simple or as complicated as you wish, usually depending on whether adults or children are participating. For instance very young children may be accommodated in a small area where they are allowed to search until they find a certain number of prizes or tokens. Adults, on the other hand, may be given a number of clues that they have to follow to move from one area to another. To make adult treasure hunts more exciting, they may be carried out on bicycles or even horseback, depending on circumstances and facilities available.

3. T-shirt CampaignChild Care Fundraising Kids Tee

Run a design competition that involves your Centre’s kiddies and their siblings. You might decide that parents can also get involved so that you get some good words to print on T-shirts. Have a judging panel to decide the three best T-shirt designs, and then take orders on the top three designs so parents can purchase for their kids. 

We have a fantastic range of apparel and merchandise to help you maximise your fundraising. Email us or Call 1300 362 300 for some great ideas and samples.