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Cute Tees

Thought about getting some Tees for your Childcare Centre but never had the time to get around to creating a design? We have taken the hassle out of this by creating several cute designs which can be customized to include your centre name.

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Enrolment Package for Your Centre

Make your Centre’s kids feel special with their own enrolment package of unique items – carefully branded with your logo. We have many designs and items to choose from. You could provide these “free” as part of your enrolment fee package, or you could offer them for separate purchase.

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Fundraising Merchandise

We have an almost infinite selection of merchandise available for you to choose from, when you’re planning your next fundraising activity.  You’ll find a small selection here and we’ll keep adding more product ideas.

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Kids Clothes

Why not offer a range of clothing for the kids at your Childcare Centre?  Not only will they feel special showing that they’re part of your Centre, but they are a great fundraising idea!

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Staff Uniforms

Find out more about any of the collection items.

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