5 Reasons Why Staff Uniforms Are a Worthwhile Investment

staff uniforms

One thing that it is very true in any industry is first impressions count.

If you consider staff uniforms to be a cost and not an important investment in your business let me show you how for a small cost they can improve the bottom line in your business.

1. Professional Image1---pinkshirt_embroidered

When parents walk into the centre and they see the staff in embroidered uniforms they see a professional business. They feel comfortable leaving their children and have trust and confidence in the staff.

2.  Valued Team Member

When staff members are provided with a uniform it makes them feel like a team and gives them a greater sense of pride in their job. This sense of pride will be portrayed to the parents.

3. Brand Building

When your staff leave work and go to the supermarket on the way home they will be advertising your business by promoting your brand which will lead to more families interested in your centre and increase your profits.

4. Staff Gratitude

As childcare uniforms experience quite a lot of wear and tear the staff will appreciate not having to wreck their own clothes or buy special clothes just to wear to work.

5. Safety and Security

It’s paramount that your little charges and their parents know who is a staff member and who isn’t.  Kitting your team out in branded, coloured shirts is one very quick way for the kids to recognise a staff member. 

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