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School Uniform Design Recommended for Childcare Centres

Uniform design is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it can work wonders for a start-up childcare centre, creating a positive vibe among parents, kids and staff. On other hand, a badly chosen uniform design can mar the image you’re building. It’s important to choose the right design as it helps you send your message across.

So you’re a start-up childcare centre with a vision to increase your market reach. You hope to tap into the sentiments of parents looking to give their children the best daycare education. If you want to succeed in your goals as an education centre for toddlers, then working on your uniform design is a good way to start.

Perks of a Good School Uniform Design

Having a good design offers several benefits. When parents choose a school for their kids, they usually make a lot of enquiries. One such enquiry relates to how a school uniform is designed or whether it would look good on their child. But there’s more to wearing school uniforms. A well-designed uniforms can:

  1. Catch the attention of potential enrollees

    With fashion at the forefront of today’s civilisation, even uniforms have to look trendy to win the hearts of parents and students. While it’s important to sport trendy uniform designs for marketing and branding purposes, it’s just as important to choose a design that reflects your centre. Increase your customer base but don’t forget what you stand for.

  2. Help you relay your message

    There’s a reason why school uniforms and staff uniforms are logo-centric. The logo is not just a symbol of the school or centre and its values. It’s also the very message you want to convey to everyone interested. Through the logo, you make your centre more recognisable since kids wear uniforms all the time. What is taught to them at school ultimately and how students behave while wearing a uniform with your logo can have a great impact on your centre.

Cute Kids School Uniform Designs

Running out of school uniform ideas? Wishing you could work with an Aussie school uniform supplier to give you advice on the perfect uniform package?, one of the more reputable school uniforms suppliers in Australia, recommends these quirky designs for your childcare centre:

Fleece Baby Zip HoodieSchool Uniform Design | Fleece with Baby Zipper & Hoodie

This design is ideal for childcare centres that focus on sports and interactive activities for kids. During winter, this baby zip hoodie feels really comfy and snug. Made from sheep’s fleece, children would love to have this for their winter uniform. Embed your logo on the uniform’s surface for a preppy and clean look on centre kids.

Sloppy Joe School Uniform Design | Yellow Sloppy Joe

While it’s not imperative for childcare centres to be trendy with their uniform design, they can offer a uniform package instead. Meaning, they can add other types of uniform to cater to different seasons – a short-sleeved for summer, sloppy joes for rainy weather and so on. Sloppy joes are great add-ons to any school uniform set.

Polo Shirt

School Uniform Design | Blue Polo Shirt

This classic school uniform design never seems to run out of style. Your childcare centre can order an assortment of polo shirts in any colour and size. Just add your logo to transform these plain but high quality kids’ polo shirts into authentic school uniforms. You’ll be amazed at how cool the kids at your centre will look while wearing polo school uniforms.


School Uniform Design Recommended for Childcare Centres