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The Cost Per Wear Philosophy

Should you go for the cheaper staff uniforms and kids’ clothes, or the more expensive?

Unfortunately, more often than not, you get what you pay for. The more expensive the clothing, the better quality it will be, and the longer it will last. This plays into something called the cost per wear philosophy, an idea that suggests better quality, more expensive uniforms and clothes are, in the long run, better value.

Let’s take a closer look.

The Cost Per Wear Philosophy: What is it?

The cost per wear (CPW) of an item of clothing can be calculated with this simple equation:

CPW = Cost of the Item / Number of wears

Here’s an example. Imagine you purchase a $20 pair of sneakers that you plan to wear bush walking every Saturday. You wear them on four full bush walks. The first two give you sore feet, and by the end of the fourth walk, the sole of one sneaker begins to pull away. You decide the shoes are more trouble than they’re worth, and you bin them.

Calculating the CPW of the shoes would look like this:

$20 / 4 = $5

The cost per wear of the sneakers is $5. In other words, each time you wear the shoes bush walking, you pay $5.

After your experience with cheap sneakers, you decide to invest in some good quality walking shoes. They set you back $150. They’re comfortable, and you wear them walking once per week for three years before they fall apart.

Calculating the CPW of the good quality walking shoes would look like this:

$150 / 156 = $0.96

You pay less than $1 each time you wear the shoes. Although they were more expensive to begin with, the $150 shoes are much better value than the $20 sneakers.

The same goes for staff uniforms and kids clothes. In the long run, you’re better off choosing the more expensive option.

Signs of Quality in Staff Uniforms and Kids’ Clothes

The cost per wear philosophy sounds great in theory, but you’ll need to be weary of products that cost more but aren’t necessarily better quality.

Here are three signs of quality in childcare centre staff uniforms and kids’ clothes.

staff uniforms

The Lady Tasman Polo with snag-resistant, easy-care fabric

1. Fabric Durability

Kids are messy. Your staff need uniforms that will stand up against frequent washing. Many of our products feature stain resistant, snag resistant fabric for maximum durability. Check out the Lady Tasman Polo, and the Detroit Short.

2. Comfort

Both your staff and the centre’s kids will be much happier if their clothing is comfortable. Uncomfortable clothing is much less likely to be worn. Check out the Traverse Polo and Cute Kids Tees, both 100% cotton.

3. Embroidery

Branding your uniforms and kids’ clothes is very important. A poor quality embroidery will come loose and fade over time. Have a read of our top four tips for ensuring a good quality embroidery: 4 Tips to Ensure a High Quality Embroidered Logo.

Purchase Childcare Centre Staff Uniforms and Kids Clothes

If you’d like to know more about the quality and price of our products, please give us a call on 1300 362 300 or contact us via email. We’d be more than happy to address any questions or concerns you may have.

The Cost Per Wear Philosophy
The Cost Per Wear Philosophy